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Ashley Bostock was born and raised in Colorado where she currently resides with her husband, two children and her animals. She loves reading, writing, and music and is always trying to find more time in the day to incorporate all three.

Seeking an outlet and pursuing her life-long passion for writing, she began composing her first novel in late 2013. She has traveled all over the world, but still has an extensive list of places she would love to visit. Anywhere near a sky-blue ocean will always be at the top of that list.

She carries a Bachelor’s Degree in History with a concentration in Elementary Education from Metropolitan State College of Denver. While she loves children, she now fears teaching, which probably has something to do with being a stay-at-home mom.

Thank you RWA Chapter Las Vegas Romance Writers! Wet won in the I Heart Indie Contest for 2017 – erotic romance category. Thanks so much!




Thank you to RWA Chapter Valley of the Sun! Wet was a finalist in the Erotic Romance Category for the 2016  Hot Prospects Contest. Yay!!!!


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