Love in Lone Star

Wet: A Small Town Romance – First in Series


I thought working hard and becoming a reporter would cancel out the juvenile delinquents acts of my past. But that’s not how things work in Lone Star. Here, they’ll never see me as anything more than the troubled girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Thankfully, I’ve learned not to let that stand in my way. I know who I am and I get what I want. Which is exactly what I did when I ran into Ryan John in a dark hallway. He’s carved perfection teeming with good ole boy charm, and I ached to indulge in our sizzling attraction. I knew I was playing with fire, but he was worth risking the burn.

For two months, I’ve avoided Miranda. But the taste of her lips and feel of her body against mine hasn’t left my mind for an instant. Everyday is a fight against temptation as I focus on my farm and raising my brother and sister. Yet when a mysterious letter arrives, announcing a company wants to buy my water rights, I know I need her whip-smart reporter instincts to help me get to the bottom of this. The fact that it gives me a reason to spend another night with her is just icing on a deliciously inviting cake. With my life overrun by family obligations and responsibilities, all I can allow myself is one night. One taste. Then again, maybe claiming a little trouble of my own is exactly what I need…

Fans of steamy, small town romance will fall in love with Wet, by author Ashley Bostock!

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Wild: A Small Town Romance – Second in Series

Ever since my divorce became final, I decided to start putting myself first. The problem is when I think of putting myself first, I think of my son’s biological father, Thatcher Patterson. The man that wanted nothing to do with me when he found out I was pregnant.

When he left me, he took my heart with him and I’ve never gotten it back.

Suddenly my son and I are forced to live with Thatcher indefinitely and it’s difficult to remember all the reasons why I don’t trust him. The way he looks at me, the way he is with our son and the way he makes me feel are all the reasons I’m running toward him instead of away from him.

But if I run toward him, how long will it take for him to up and run the other way from us, much like he did before?


I’ve never stopped loving Abigail Murphy or wishing I could be the perfect dad to my son. So, when a stipulation in my late grandfather’s will states that I must have an heir to claim my inheritance, it’s the push I need to get them in my life.

Because I need them as much as I need that money. With my business in the red, I have no other option. As the deadline creeps closer, I never counted on the guilt I would feel at trying to get a two for one deal. When the two of them move in with me, I’m reminded of all the wonderful things this woman has to offer and all the emotions she makes me feel.

She makes me feel worthy. Wanted. Loved. She makes me feel like I could be the man she needs and just maybe I could be the father my son deserves – the father I’ve been so scared to be.

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Wicked: A Small Town Romance – Third in Series

Grace Patterson is not my type. Not only is she a second-grade teacher at the local elementary school, but she’s perfect, like untouchable perfect. Everything is please and thank you and Maverick – no one calls me that. And when I allow her to bring that mutt into my house, all I hear is “Did you miss me, baby? Are you hungry, baby? I’ll take care of you, baby.”

What I didn’t mention is that she’s my best friend’s little sister and I’m about twelve years older than her, which makes her completely off-limits. So why I’m suddenly wanting what I can’t have is beyond me.


Maverick Carter also known as Cap is the only man who can help me when I find a stray dog on my way home from school. He isn’t the easiest to have a conversation with but since my apartment doesn’t allow pets, I need him. For now. Until I can figure out what to do with my new-found dog.

In the meantime, it’s best if I remember he rides a metal monstrosity of a motorcycle and wears a hideous vest with obscene patches all over it and not the way he sounds when I overhear him having sex with another woman.

If only it were that easy.

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