Nothing But Trouble Bonus Content



Regina Vilander dusted the flour off her hands as she breathed in the sugary scent coming from her oven. Her son Tyrone had harped on her for years and years to get a new oven—a modern one—but she never saw the need. Hers worked perfectly fine.

Why fix something that wasn’t broken?

Besides, if she ever got a new oven she’d have to relearn the proper times and temperatures to take things out of the oven. She knew her oven. She liked her oven. There was no way in hell she wanted to reconfigure when the perfect moment was to take out her famous sugar cookies so they weren’t too hard or too soft.

She wanted them soft. But there was a fine line from having them too soft that they were still raw and having them just soft enough. Mixed with the perfect frosting—she used corn syrup in the frosting because that tasted the best and gave them a perfect sheen—the cookies brought grown men to their knees. Right along with their children.

Regina let out a chuckle as she sat at her kitchen table. She was consulting her Romance Angels cards today. After her grandson had finally accepted his soul mate, she was on to getting answers for the rest of his friends.

Cole Carrington.

He was next on her list. Cole loved her sugar cookies. He ate them every time they were in front of him. So that wasn’t going to be a problem. Dylan, on the other hand, was going to require some trickery and maneuvering on her part. She knew the guys joked about what she put in the cookies—some kind of love spell.

She liked how they thought it was a joke. Except that Dylan. He seemed to be on to her.

She cleared the cards.

She then held them up to her heart, clearing her mind of Dylan, Zander and Justin, only thinking of Cole and what answers she wanted to ask. She sent a brief prayer to her angels. I ask that my readings be accurate and bring harmony and happiness to my loved ones. Please help me stay in the moment and centered while I ask these important questions.

Will he find his soulmate? Was he ready to find his soulmate now? Was he fully over his sister’s death? Ready to move on with his life?

She put a light shuffle to them, all the while thinking of Cole. He was ready for love. She could see it. After having lost his sister and coming to a place where he knew he was heading in the right direction, he was ready to find his one true love.

She did a three card spread.

Turning her first card, she laid it on the left. Healing Family Issues. The second card, You Deserve Love, she laid in the middle. The last one, True Love, she laid on the right.

Regina smiled in triumph.

The left card was his past. The middle card represented his current status and the card on the right, True Love, represented what was in Cole’s future.

She gathered the cards back up, tucking them safely into the box. It was always the smell of the cookies that signaled they were done. She grabbed her oven mitt and opened her decades old oven.

She inhaled deeply.


She took them out, waited ninety seconds and then scooped them off the baking tray and onto cooling racks.

“Magic,” Regina laughed. “They’d have a stroke if they knew.”

She suspected Michael knew his grandma had a sixth sense but he never questioned it. Or her. He was such a good grandson. She was very fond of him as well as his friends. If they would open their eyes and accept love, their lives would be so much more fulfilling. But they didn’t have a clue. They thought they were so tough and macho swearing off women.

Regina started to mix her ingredients for a second batch of sugar cookies.

They thought they had it all: money, freedom, success. Pussy when they wanted it. Yes, she knew that’s what they called it. She’d show them. And really, they could have all of those things. She just wanted them to be happy. She wanted them to appreciate love and experience it the way she and her husband had, bless his soul. Alfred had been gone for ten years now, but it still seemed like yesterday he was twirling her around the kitchen floor.

She rolled out the dough and used her cookie cutter to make perfect circles before transferring them into the oven.

These cookies were made with care.

“Magic,” she laughed.

Her sugar cookies were surely going to bring the boys to their knees. However, it was going to be more of the women that they met that would bring them down a notch.

Regina’s laughter echoed through her kitchen as she went back to her cards.